An Isolation photo is usually a photo that has been taken for stock purposes.  That is, the photographer had the idea to isolate the subject before the photo was even taken in order to sell it to graphic designers, web designers, print designers or advertisers, who would put the image to good use by adding their own backgrounds before putting it in their design.

Many photographers use this method of photography to make some extra money on the side through the use of microstock websites such as shutterstock and istockphoto.

Isolations are fairly easy.  All you need is a good light source consisting of preferably two or more very strong lights, some form of diffuser for the light in order to get nice even lighting over the subject, and a seamless background.  If you have some knowledge of Photoshop, you can further enhance the effects.

Pics By Nick - Candle

Pics By Nick - Candles

Pics By Nick - Chess

Pics By Nick - Chinese Stress Balls

Pics By Nick - Jewelry Box

Pics By Nick - Kiwis

Pics By Nick - String

Pics By Nick - Russian Doll

Pics By Nick - Turkish Teapot

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