Abstract photography is a popular art form but to take a good abstract photo is not as easy as you might think.  Most abstract photos are carefully thought about beforehand.

Abstract photos can be of just about any subject you can find, from body parts to household items and anything in between.

A good abstract image takes into account things like angles, shapes, colors, textures, focus points, and viewpoints.  When trying your own abstracts, try to find a composition that you like the look of through the viewfinder.  This could be close up, far away, low down, from above… the list goes on.  Try different focus points and exposures as well.

An abstract image doesn’t have to be completely abstract.  By that, I mean that the subject you are photographing doesn’t have to be completely unidentifiable, some of the best abstracts are of subjects that can be easily identified in the photo.

Abstracts can be a fun way to express your creativity and learn new ways to photograph old subjects.  So have fun with it.

Happy shooting!

Pics By Nick - Workboots

Pics By Nick - Stairs

Pics By Nick - Circular

Pics By Nick - Reflected Light