Photography isn’t hard.  Anyone can point their camera, press the shutter release,  and take a passable photo.  Simple! It’s a process that people repeat over and over, everyday, around the world.  The hard part comes when you start trying to get artistic.

Not everyone has the same views on what looks good.  What looks good to me, might be an abomination to you.  And vice-versa.  There will always be critics, the trick is to take what they have to say onboard, and learn from it.

Everyone likes to take that photo that others ooh and ahh over.  So here’s a couple of quick tips to help you take that great photo.

1. Composition is important.  a)This goes hand in hand with viewpoints.  Get down low, up high, closer in. Try different angles and views of your subject.  b)When composing the shot, really take notice of what you’re including in the frame.  So many times people take photos with distracting elements that could easily have been fixed with a little more attention to detail.

2. Lighting is important.  Which direction is it coming from?  What type of light is it? (sun, candle… etc) Should I wait a few more hours for the sun to move?  Should I use reflectors?

3. Subject is not as important.  Almost anything can be made to look good with a little thought and creativity.

Check out the images below for some inspiration and then get to it.

Happy Shooting!

Pics By Nick - TV Remote

Pics By Nick - Candles

Pics By Nick - Old Man Statuette

Pics By Nick - Log

Pics By Nick - Umbrellas