My challenge to myself this week was to try and convey the word ‘delicate‘ in a photo.

According to, delicate means:

1. Very fine in texture or structure; of intricate workmanship or quality

2. (of a color or a scent) Subtle and subdued

3. (of food or drink) Subtly and pleasantly flavored

4. Easily broken or damaged; fragile

So, how to convey the word delicate?  flowers instantly sprang to mind.  So out I went into the garden to look for any delicate looking flower and while I was searching, I came across a little cabbage moth larvae. Perfect.

Photography is such a great artistic medium.  It allows you to convey an idea or message without the need for words.  Most of the best photos in the world convey some sort of message, or say something about the subject in the photo without actually saying it.

You can practice this yourself without a camera.  Try to convey a message to someone without using any words and without miming or much movement.  It’s difficult but it can be done.  Photography allows you to convey feelings and moods using nothing more than lighting and composition.

Go ahead and challenge yourself.  Pick a describing word – delicate, soft, hard, gritty, sad, are just a few that spring to mind but any word will do.  Give yourself a week and over the course of that week take as many photos as you can that convey the meaning of your chosen word.

You’ll be surprised at what you can come up with, and hopefully impressed.

Happy Shooting!

Pics By Nick - Flower

Pics By Nick - Hibiscus Flower

Pics By Nick - Rose

Pics By Nick - Mushroom

Pics By Nick - Cabbage Moth Larvae