is one of the best places to store, share and sell your photos on the web.

Whether you want others to be able to hang your photography in their house, or just show off some of the amazing shots you’ve taken… Ph.Art Gallery is the place to do it!

Ph.Art Gallery is an Australian based web site where people can purchase photographic wall art on canvas prints in a huge range of sizes.  Photographers can display their work here for free and choose to either show it off to their friends only, or display it to the whole world.

Prints are reasonably priced with a large portion of the sale price going to the photographer.  Photos can be submitted to either the public gallery or the collectors gallery.  Photos in the public gallery are available at a cheaper rate and can be sold a thousand times, whereas photos in the collectors gallery are a bit more expensive but only 20 will be printed and each one is numbered… like a collectible item.

Photo Art Gallery is a great place to store and sell photos and has a great community of sociable photographers that help each other out all the time as well as holding weekly and monthly competitions in different areas of photography.  I would recommend all photographers looking for a great community to give it a look.

Ph.Art Gallery produces canvas wall art.  Their sister site Photo Art Centre produces everything else, from mugs to calenders and photo books, at Photo Art Centre you can put any photo on almost any item, whether it’s your own photo or someone else’s.  These items make great gifts for loved ones.

So between both and all a photographers needs are taken care of.

Pics By Nick - Dandelion

Pics By Nick - Mailboxes