Flowers are a favourite subject of many photographers.  And with their great foliage, pretty, colorful flowers and the many insects that feed off them, it’s no wonder why.

Most photographers will have a bunch of flower photos in their portfolios.  But what is the best way to photograph them?

Well the answer to that question is that it really depends on the situation you find yourself in.

If you could pick the flower and photograph it in a light tent you would be able to choose the background color and get a nice even light.

But what if you can’t, or that’s not the look you’re going for?

Another way to photograph flowers is in-situ.  Photograph it where you find it.  There are several advantages to this method; you don’t need a light tent; you don’t need to pick the flower; you can get the nice foliage in the background; if you’re lucky, an insect might come to feed.

If you choose an overcast day to photograph flowers you can almost replicate the nice filtered light of a light tent.

So why not give it a go?  You can only try.  The more images you take, the better you will get.

Happy Shooting!

Pics By Nick - Murraya FlowerPics By Nick - Carnation

Pics By Nick - Hibiscus Petal