Go on, admit it.  You’ve done it haven’t you!?! Don’t worry, we’ve all done it at some point before.  We’ve all taken a photo only to look at it later and wished we’d composed it differently.

‘If only I’d moved a little to the left’, ‘…shot from down low’. etc etc. Composing a shot isn’t easy.  There is actually a lot of thought that needs to go into it.

So how can I take a shot with a great composition all the time?  Well the simple answer is ‘You can’t do it always’  But, there are some pointers you may wish to take into account the next time you’re composing a shot.

  1. Look through the viewfinder as if you were looking at a finished photo. I mean really look at it.  Scrutinize every little detail in the viewfinder.  Are there any distracting elements that could easily be removed?  Can you see any sun flare?  Is the lighting right?
  2. Take a lot of photos from a lot of different angles. Get down low, up high, around the back, everywhere you can think of.  Sure, you’ll take a lot more photos than you necessarily need to but at least this way you have all bases covered.
  3. Remember the rule of thirds. Possibly the most helpful compositional tool you could ever use, the rule of thirds dictates that either the horizon is on a third line or the main elements in the image appear on a third line.  (Imagine your image was divided into thirds horizontally and vertically).
  4. Take photos that are appealing to you. Ultimately, you have to put your name to them and If you are unsure about an image then it might not be worth it.  If you like the image, chances are that others will too.

So the next time you’re lining up a shot, stop and run a few questions through your mind before hitting the shutter release.  You might be saving yourself a lot of heartache later.

Happy Shooting!

Pics By Nick - Sydney

Pics By Nick - Umbrellas

Pics By Nick - Snow Monkeys