So you have heard the terms ‘Fine art’ and ‘Stock’ before but what is the difference?  Aren’t all stock images fine art images as well? Not necessarily.

A fine art image is usually a photo that has been solely intended to become a piece of art.  And a stock image is usually a photo that has been taken with a consumer in mind.

A stock image will usually contain happy smiling people, bright colors, or an inanimate object and most often conveys some sort of message.  These photos are used on brochures, packaging, websites, etc to help sell something or to help convey a message.

A fine art image on the other hand, will more often than not, have no people in it at all.  It doesn’t always have bright colors, and doesn’t usually convey any sort of message.  A fine art image is something to be admired.  Wall art.  A picture you could hang on your wall at home or the office and people would admire it.

Now imagine you are choosing some wall art for your home.  Do you choose the photo with happy, smiling, good looking strangers dressed in bright colors on a bright sunny day?  Or do you choose the beautiful abstract dew drops hanging tenderly from a leaf?

Neither image might appeal to you, but you get my point.  You would choose the beauty photo rather than the stranger photo.  Everyone would, after all who wants strangers on their wall?

But the happy, smiling stranger photo would look great in the local caravan park brochure conveying a sense of fun.

So you see the difference?  Smart photographers will take both photos and sell both as well, you just have to realize what images will sell to what market and offer your images accordingly.

The images below will give you an idea of the difference.  The surfer photo is more of a stock image as it sends a message of health and fun.  The skull photo sends a halloween message and is also stock.  The abstract Dandelion at the bottom is more of a fine art image, as is the title image of this post.

Happy Shooting!

Pics By Nick - Surfer

Pics By Nick - Halloween Skull

Pics By Nick - Dandelion