Have you ever flipped through a magazine, newspaper or brochure and seen photos of delicious looking food?  Or have you ever walked down a main city street and tried to count how many photographs of food you see?

Because if you have, you will have realized that food photography is big business, and I mean BIG business!  So big, in fact, that there are photographers who shoot food photography for a living.  This puts them up there in the ranks next to landscape photographers and portrait photographers.

Think about it.  Every single restaurant out there needs to advertise their food, every single one.  Just stop and think for a moment about how many restaurants you have ever seen.  And it doesn’t stop there, all those restaurants need to advertise not one but several dishes each.  Then there are the desserts, the cocktails, the ambience, they all needs to be photographed too.

Are you starting to realize how big this industry is yet?

But you don’t have to feel daunted.  Photographing food can be a fun way of learning your cameras controls as well as good practice and a good portfolio filler.  And all you need to do is take your camera with you everywhere.

At a restaurant, before eating the meal that has just been brought to you, photograph it.  It’s that simple.  Of course, try to make it look good, don’t just take a snapshot from above.  Use angles, include props (wine glasses, tablecloth etc), and above all don’t be afraid of what the other patrons think of you.  If someone asks, just tell them the truth, you’re a budding photographer and the food just looks so darn good!

Food photography can be a fun way to practice your skills, especially for getting to know how your aperture effects the depth of field (Depth of field = the amount of photo in focus and how quickly it fades out of focus).

So take your camera everywhere and photograph everything because the more photos you take, the better you will get at it.

Happy Shooting!

Pics By Nick - Pork Katso

Pics By Nick - Sushi Train

Pics By Nick - Fortune Cookie