If you’ve ever tried selling stock photos over the internet you would have realized pretty early on that it is definitely not a get rich quick scheme.

When you sell images royalty free through micro stock websites such as shutterstock and istockphoto, you only receive either a small percentage of the sale, or around 25 cents for each download.  These sites sell lots of images every day, and if you are lucky some of those might be yours, but it still only adds up to a couple of dollars a day.

So what do we do about it?  How do we increase our stock photo revenue?

Well one way to go about it is to sell your images rights managed (RM) rather than royalty free (RF).  Some sites don’t let you do this so you have to choose your selling sites carefully.  Rights managed means that you set the price for each image rather than letting the website do it for you.

Images sold this way tend to have less sales, but when they do sell you get a lot more money.

If you choose to sell your images royalty free, which is a much easier option as the chosen website does all the work for you, you will see more sales but less money from each sale.

Whichever way you choose to sell your stock photos the object is still the same, to produce more sales and thus more money.

Producing more sales isn’t always as easy as it sounds but there are at least two proven ways to increase sales.  The first is to increase your portfolio… add more photos, lots more.  The second is to take people photos.  People sell, whether they are smiling, crying, jumping or shaking hands, people photos sell better than any other subject.

So get out there and start snapping, uploading and keywording and watch your sales increase.

Happy shooting.

Pics By Nick - Surfer

Pics By Nick - Beach

Pics By Nick - Surfer