Night Photography.  A lot of photographers specialize in it producing some amazing photographs.  But how do we do it ourselves?

Well, it’s easy really.  You simply need a DSLR camera, a tripod, and something to photograph.

A lot of good shots will include something like car light trails, star trails, or lights reflected in water.

So, how to do it.  Grab your camera and check the battery.  You will need a fully charged battery and ideally a spare battery as well because the long shutter speeds you need for this type of photography will drain the battery.

Also grab you tripod.  A steady, shake free photo will rely on a good, sturdy tripod.  An added extra to bring along is a remote shutter release or a shutter release cord.  Using this, you will be able to release the shutter without touching the camera, meaning even less camera shake.  An alternative to this, if you don’t have one, is to use the cameras inbuilt self-timer, set it to 2 seconds.

Right, you’re ready to go!  Now you need to find something to shoot.  Cities are a good start, with all the lights and movement some great shots can be found.  If you’re no where near a city, try shooting your house, or some cars driving by.  Or you could even look up and try getting some star trails.

Remember that you will be dealing with very slow shutter speeds so it’s best to release the shutter and then move away as even just walking near the tripod can cause camera shake.

Happy Shooting!

Pics By Nick - Sydney At Night

Pics By Nick - Sydney Night Abstract

Pics By Nick - City Street