Have you ever heard the phrase ‘It’s the simple things in life that matter’?

The simple things like, for instance, a mothers love.  You don’t have to do anything, it’s simply there.

Well the same saying can be applied to your photography.  Some of the simplest images turn out to be the best we took all day.  It might be a rolling green field, a lone tree on a hill, or a barren plain.

Just about everything on this world is worth photographing.  Everywhere you look there is another photograph just waiting to be taken, which is another great reason to take your camera with you everywhere.

The main thing to remember when taking photos of a subject is that it could look different under different lighting or weather conditions.  If you can’t get a shot you are happy with right now, come back later when the sun is in a different position or the clouds have come over.  Everything has a story to tell or a mood to evoke, all you have to do is find the right conditions to photograph it in.

And don’t forget to keep it simple.  Don’t allow your frame to become cluttered with many different objects, it will just make the viewer confused.  But definitely do look around your subject for interesting angles and compositions.  Maybe there is a great cloud formation forming that you could include in your shot, or maybe taking the shot from ground level, looking up, produces a better shot.

Experiment.  Keep it simple.  Don’t clutter.  Have Fun.

Happy Shooting.

Pics By Nick - Picnic Table

Pics By Nick - Flower

Pics By Nick - White Faced Heron