How much fun is Macro?  The answer to that question is ‘EXTREMELY FUN’

How else can you immerse yourself in another world?  A world where small things look big and all the creatures are ugly and alien like.

Macro photography can take you into that world.  But be careful, once you enter, you’ll never look at the world the same again.  Your photography will change too, you’ll start looking at the details more, in fact, you’ll start looking for the details.

Macro photography is about having a sharp eye and a lot of patience.  The slower you creep up on your little insect subject, the less chance it will run/fly/jump away.  Even the smallest breath of wind can make leaves and flowers shake, adding to the frustration.

And that’s not all you have to contend with.  The depth of field at these small distances is very small, meaning that even an aperture of f11 might not get your whole subject in focus.

But you know it’s worth it when you start snapping away and your subject plays right into your hands, allowing you to get right up in its face.  The feeling of satisfaction you get when you later bring the images up on your computer and find perfect focus and lighting.  When you zoom in close and can see every little detail… oh that’s good!!

Happy Shooting!

Pics By Nick - Paper Wasp

Pics By Nick - Dew Drop

Pics By Nick - Jumping Spider