Many of you may have heard of that magical part of the day we photographers like to call Magic Hour.  Magic hour is the perfect time of day for all outdoor photography no matter what your subject is.

So, what is magic hour?

Magic hour is that wonderful part of the day when the sun is low on, or just below, the horizon.  In this position, the sun creates a fantastic lighting effect that you’ve probably seen before but never taken any notice of.  The term ‘Magic Hour’ is given to this time.

Magic hour actually happens twice a day (yes there are two magic hours in a day, yippee!!).  The first is one hour after the sun rises and the second is one hour before it sets.

The two times actually give of a different light.  Morning light is quite cool and gives off a more blueish light whereas evening light is warmer and gives a nice orange glow.

Most seascape photographers prefer morning light as this is when the air is at its clearest and crispest and there is not much dust floating around in the air.  Most of the landscape shots you see were taken first thing in the morning during the morning magic hour.

On the other hand, the warm light emitted by the evening sun makes it a great time for portraiture or long shadow shots.

I suggest you all go out and try some magic hour photography.  It’s great fun and can be really rewarding. The softer light compared to midday sun will give all your photos a fantastic feel and mood.

Beware though, morning magic hour photography means you will have to get up way before the sun rises to set yourself up.  So for those party animals out there, maybe start with the evening light.

Happy shooting!

Pics By Nick - Magic Hour - Morning

Pics By Nick - Magic Hour - Evening

Pics By Nick - Magic Hour - Morning