Architecture photography can be very interesting and fun.  And one of the best parts about photographing buildings is that it can be done in every city or town in the world.  In fact, it can be done anywhere there is a building at all.

Once you start to take architecture photography you start to look at buildings in a different manner.  You notice where the sun is hitting, the colors and textures of the building material, the small details around doorways and windows, as well as the overall shape of the building.

Architecture is one of those subjects that can be practiced without too much fuss from other people but be warned that you will need some kind of permission to photograph any government building, and it is best to ask permission from house owners before you set up out the front of their home.

However, once you start, it can be quite rewarding.  Try to capture the building as a whole including the surroundings, try to capture it from different angles, play with shadows and reflections, and don’t forget to get close ups of all the small details.

Apart from being a fun way to spend the day, or see a new city, shooting architecture can be a good way to make some money.  People always want interesting photos of their home or office building, and ancient architecture like the pyramids or old castles are always in high demand.

So get out there and see what interesting photos you can take of your local area.

Happy Shooting!

Pics By Nick - Temple Roof

Pics By Nick - Mailboxes

Pics By Nick - Church