Are you sick of asking people to pose for you?  Are your friends and family members avoiding you so they can avoid the embarrassment of turning you down?

Well, never fear because there are a plethora of other interesting subjects just waiting for you to find them.  And where do you go to find all these things?

Go no further than your own garden!  That’s right, out in the garden are a million things for you to shoot. Apart from all the magnificently colored and ugly insects and all the pretty and colorful flowers, there is also blades of grass, leaves, a clothes line, trees, rocks, pebbles, a driveway… the list could go on and on.

All these things can be made into beautiful photographs just by using a little creativity.  Try making the entranceway to your house look as big as possible just by using different angles.  Get down low and take a close up of a marching line of ants.  Or take a gritty, dirty photograph of your overflowing trash cans.

All these photographic opportunities and more await you outside in the garden.  And that’s before you even start looking for a pretty flower.

In fact there are so many different things to photograph outside, and so many different angles and lighting situations to try out that your family members will start to feel left out and come asking you if you want to shoot them.

But that’s alright, just smile and say ‘No, thank you’ and get straight back into shooting all those wonderful garden things again.

Happy shooting!

Pics By Nick - Dandelion

Pics By Nick - Slug

Pics By Nick - Garden