Black and white photography has been around for more than 100 years and up until recently, was the main form of photography around.

Once color photography became possible, it quickly overtook black and white as the most popular form of reproducing photographs.  But black and white, or mono as it is also known, has held on and is still a very popular choice for photographers.

Black and white photographs emit a feel and mood that you can’t quite get with color photographs.  They can be moody and gritty, romantic and alluring, or sometimes a photo just looks better in black and white.

With the advent of digital cameras, black and white photography has become a lot more accessible to those willing to give it a try.  No longer do you have to buy special black and white film, you can now just shoot in color and convert to black and white later.

Converting to black and white is fairly easy with a little photoshop knowledge.  Photoshop gives you three ways to convert photographs to black and white.

The easiest way is to simply reduce the saturation.  This produces an image void of color.  The second way is to use the gradient map, this will produce a more gritty and hard conversion.

But the best way is to use the black and white conversion tool.  This gives you complete control over how your final image will come out by letting you move sliders dedicated to each color.  This way you can get the exact look you are going for.

All three of these converters can be found under Image > Adjustments.  So go ahead and give it a try, you never know what piece of art you might be able to make.

Happy Shooting!

Pics By Nick - Old Cart

Pics By Nick - Ice

Pics By Nick - Mushroom