Going on vacation?  Don’t forget to pack your camera!!  The photos you take while on vacation don’t all have to be of you on the beach, or you and a friend in front of a tourist attraction.

There are thousands of good photo opportunities when you find yourself somewhere new.  The first thing you should do when you arrive at your location, before you even unpack, is take a photograph of your room.  I know it sounds strange but some of the best vacation photographs are taken in the hotel.  The image doesn’t have to be of the bed, or even the view, it could just be a great shot of the entire room.

The second thing you should do is throw your camera around your neck and go out and explore the local area which you were probably going to do anyway, but the key ingredient here is to take your camera.  In fact, don’t let it out of your site at all until you are back home and your vacation is over.  And take photos of everything!

Try to find a good composition on every street you turn down or every hill you climb.  And don’t be afraid to approach the locals and ask to take a photo of them.  Most people are more than happy to have their photo taken.  But please do ask their permission first.

Look out especially for people who are doing things the local way.  For instance, in a foreign country you might find women weaving rugs, or men herding sheep.  These local customs are the things you will remember most because they are so foreign to your way of life and they will also make some of the best photographs.

Always remember to take your camera with you everywhere you go because you never know what’s around the next corner… it could be the best photograph you’ve ever taken.

Happy shooting!

Pics By Nick - Sydney

Pics By Nick - Tokyo Canal

Pics By Nick - Temple Incense