Family vacations can be some of the best times in our lives.  We can get away from work, spend time with the kids, rekindle the romance, and of course, take lots of photos to show everyone back home.

For the enthusiast or professional photographer, vacations can also offer the opportunity to get some great shots of a new landscape, a new culture, or some new wildlife.

So what do you do when you get to a new destination and the kids want to hit the beach but all you want to do is go off and take some photos?

The answer is easy.  Go to the beach! Any parent knows that happy kids means a good holiday for the parent.  But don’t think you can leave your camera behind.  Take it with you.  You never know when a great shot is going to pop up, maybe it will turn up on the beach that day.

There will be ample opportunity to get all the other shots you want too, you just have to make time and schedule it in.  Get up early for those landscape shots and be back for breakfast, for example.  Or schedule a family day out to the local gardens or zoo.

If you are planning to post process your images while you are there, do it later at night when everyone is in bed or while they are all occupied with something else.

Just remember though, you are on a family vacation.  Make time for the family!   Spend time with the kids, do fun stuff, laugh, make love, eat at fancy restuarants… and take your camera everywhere.

Pics By Nick - Temple Roof

Pics By Nick - Hotel Room

Pics By Nick - Sydney