Stuck inside because of the rain?  Can’t go out on your planned photo day because of the rain?   Well don’t let the day go to waste!

There are millions of things to keep your photographic trigger finger happy when it rains, you just have to use a little brain power.

There are tons of things to photograph inside.  So many, in fact, that I would be here forever if I was to name them all.  So I’ll just give you a few starting ideas.

Pencils, pens, computer components, cutlery, cd’s, door handles, husbands, wives, children, mums, dads, bathroom fittings, toys, food… the list could go on and on.

If shooting indoors doesn’t excite you just put on some good rain gear and head outside.  Make sure you keep your camera dry by either shooting from inside a clear plastic bag, shooting from under shelter, or keeping an umbrella over it.

Rain offers us some great photographic opportunities.  Kids love playing in the rain, so send them out with the promise of a hot shower afterwards.  You’re sure to get some great wet child shots.  Have them play in the mud for even more opportunities.

Put your macro lens on and take some close ups of drops hanging on to leaves or spiderwebs.  Photograph puddles, ripples, reflections… anything you can find.

Of course, after the rain has ended you should head straight out with your camera.  Rain tends to settle any dust that is in the air, so straight after a rain shower, or storm, the air is at it’s clearest so you are sure to get those crisp, clear, sharp as a pin landscape or cityscape photos.

So the next time it rains, get excited!!  There are thousands of rain soaked photos just waiting for your dripping fingers to press that shutter.

Happy Shooting!

Pics By Nick - Raindrops

Pics By Nick - Water Drops

Pics By Nick - Reflection